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You have to throw away this food as fast as possible, or you could die

A recent post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed a food that you are now recommended to throw away if you own it.

You have to throw away this food as fast as possible, or you could die 01 |

According to the CDC’s website bulletin post, the health agency is now warning the public against a specific type of mushroom that may give you salmonella. While salmonella is rarely fatal, it can still kill those that already have a weakened immune system. The CDC is warning against a mushroom called Kikurage, or “wood ear mushroom“.

This mushroom has been distributed by a company called Wismettac Asian Foods Inc. Consumers won’t be able to find this specific mushroom on store shelves, and while you may immediately think that is a good thing, it isn’t. Wismettac Asian Foods is selling this mushroom directly to restaurants that commonly use mushrooms in a number of dishes.

The CDC says, we “ask restaurants where mushrooms are from before ordering to avoid eating recalled mushrooms. Restaurant employees should check for recalled dries mushrooms and not serve or sell them.

Additionally, the CDC says that if the restaurant can’t recall where they have sourced the mushrooms from that, they should be thrown away to be safe. If you are interested in any more information about this story, check out this link here.

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