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Silicon Lottery: Core i9-10900K pre-binned 5.1GHz all cores costs $949

If you want 5.1GHz all-day long on the Intel Core i9-10900K, then Silicon Lottery has your back — with its pre-binned chips coming back into supply and offering some breakneck speeds.


Silicon Lottery is offering 3 different pre-binned Intel Core i9-10900K processors, each with a different (but guaranteed) boost frequency. The first of which is the Core i9-10900K at $590, which will give you a pre-binned 10-core CPU at 4.9GHz for all cores, 5.0GHz for 6 cores, and 5.1GHz for 3 cores. This is over the stock 4.8GHz boost out of the box and a short lived 4.9GHz “Thermal Velocity Boost“.

The second Core i9-10900K that Silicon Lottery is $90 more at $680, offering guaranteed 5.0GHz all-day long on all 10 cores, while 6 cores reach 5.1GHz, and 3 cores hit 5.2GHz. Voltage is stuck at 1.350V on this offering, with PL1/PL2 states set to a (rather high) 230W.

But it’s the much more expensive last offering that Silicon Lottery has that is just insane, with a $450 premium securing you 5.1GHz on all cores, all the time. We also have up to 5.2GHz on 6 cores, and a huge 5.3GHz on 3 cores (at a higher 1.375V) while power limits have a higher 250W ceiling.

  • $590: pre-binned Core i9-10900K @ 4.9GHz
  • $680: pre-binned Core i9-10900K @ 5.0GHz
  • $950: pre-binned Core i9-10900K @ 5.1GHz
Silicon Lottery: Core i9-10900K pre-binned 5.1GHz all cores costs $949 07 |

You can buy the tweaked Intel CPUs at Silicon Lottery right here.

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