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Antec launches its new DF600 FLUX case with ‘advanced ventilation’

Antec has just unveiled its new DF600 FLUX case, the latest member of its “FLOW LUXURY” brand of cases that have unique case designs and kick ass airflow.

Antec launches its new DF600 FLUX case with 'advanced ventilation' 05 |


Inside of Antec’s new DF600 FLUX we have 5 x pre-installed 120mm fans that have been designed to improve GPU core temperature. How does it do this? It pulls additional cool air in through the intake that’s found in the lower right-hand side of the case.

This is through the power supply (PSU) shroud and through into the main chamber, where all of your critical components (CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, etc) are found. There’s 3 x 120mm ARGB fans behind the front fascia of the Antec DF600 FLUX, a 1 x 120mm exhaust fan on the back of the case, and a 120mm reverse fan on top of the PSU shroud that grabs cool air into the system through the right-hand side panel vent.

Antec launches its new DF600 FLUX case with 'advanced ventilation' 03 |

Antec uses this case fan to blow cool air directly onto your graphics card, but if that’s not enough then you can throw an additional 4 x 120mm fans into the DF600 FLUX which gives you a total of 9 x 120mm fans inside of the case.

You’ll be able to fit 3 x 3.5-inch HDDs and 2.5-inch SSDs inside of the case, while the maximum graphics card length is a hefty 405mm.

The new DF600 FLUX can support a large 360mm radiator or AIO, as well as a 120mm radiator at the back of the case instead of the 120mm exhaust fan — if you choose. Antec provides a built-in addressable controller that can support up to 6 x ARGB fans, too.

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